Story Dice: Human Rights

Game about making creative stories, with symbols about human rights.

Space Fort

3D space shooter with dozens of weapons.

Word for Word: Human Rights

A word search game aims to raise awareness of human rights.

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If you have a game idea in mind, that you want us to make reality, you can drop us a line here.

Word for Word: Christmas Edition

A hot-seat word search game for the Christmas holidays, up to 4 players.

VRX concept

A render of a concept vehicle for a sci-fi themed racing game.

Word for Word: Cities and Countries

A word finder game about city and country names.

Armored Combat

Real-time 3D multiplayer tank duel for mobile.

Silly Village

An interactive tale for kids.

Jetpack Bull in a China Shop

Fun casual game with a lot of destruction.

Critter Fitter

An adventurous drag&drop puzzle game.  

Website of Hungarian Association of Insolvency Practitioners & Asset Controllers

Central portal with robust admin functions.

Insolvency company website

Central website of an insolvency company.

Website of a permaculture partnership

Complex wordpress website of a small partnership that designs permaculture ecosystems.

Webpage of a Charity foundation

Simple HTML site with static content.

Website of an insolvency practitioner company

Customized multilingual website with admin.

Website of a reorganizational company

Website with vast array of admin features.